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Our Mission

The Institute for Humane Studies supports and partners with professors to promote the teaching and research of classical liberal ideas and to advance higher education's core purpose of intellectual discovery and human progress.


Our vision is to ensure higher education becomes a place where classical liberal ideas are regularly taught, discussed, challenged, and developed, and where free speech, intellectual diversity, and open inquiry flourish.

What We Do

At IHS, we believe the principles of the classical liberal tradition – including individual liberty and responsibility, limited government, economic freedom, the rule of law, free speech, and open inquiry – are the foundation of a just, peaceful, and prosperous world.

We believe for those ideas to take root, they must be taught, explored, and challenged in higher education.

That's why IHS has built the foremost network of scholars across the country who are researching and teaching classical liberal ideas. We are a partner throughout their academic careers, offering guidance, resources, and access to a passionate, supportive community.

From the undergraduate student just beginning to develop an interest in classical liberal ideas to the established professor, IHS is a champion for each individual's intellectual journey – and together we are partners for a free and open society.